VGA Cable 50 Meter Male to Male 50M

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High quality Male-to-Male Super S-VGA Cable for your monitor/LCD.

VGA Cable 15PIN Male TO Male


Best Resolution: 1024 x 768.

With Two Ferrite Filters for High Quality.

For PC, Monitor, Tv, Lcd, Plasma & Projector


VGA Cable 50 Meter Male to Male 50M

The VGA Cable 50 Meter is a long-length cable designed to transmit video signals between a computer or laptop and a VGA-compatible display or monitor. With its 50-meter length, it offers an extensive reach for connecting devices that are located at a significant distance.

This VGA cable is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure optimal signal transmission and durability. It features male connectors on both ends, providing a secure and stable connection without signal degradation or interference. The cable is designed to deliver clear and reliable video quality, making it suitable for various applications such as presentations, conferences, exhibitions, and more.

The VGA Cable 50 Meter supports standard VGA resolutions and is compatible with most VGA-enabled devices. It allows you to conveniently connect your computer or laptop to a monitor, projector, or other VGA display devices, extending your screen real estate or mirroring your display for convenient viewing.


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