HDMI TO VGA Adapter Cable

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  • Connects your HDMI-equipped device
  • HDTV (Not from computer or laptop) to your monitor
  • HDMI-equipped devices include; high-definition DVD player, HDTV receiver, projector, A/V receiver, Playstation system.
  • Supports high-definition resolutions up to 1080p


HDMI TO VGA Adapter Cable

  1. Input and Output Ports:
    • HDMI Input: The adapter typically has an HDMI male connector that you plug into the HDMI output port of your device, such as a laptop or gaming console.
    • VGA Output: On the other end of the adapter, you’ll find a VGA female connector. You connect a VGA cable (not included) from this connector to the VGA input of your display or monitor.
  2. Video Signal Conversion: HDMI and VGA use different types of video signals. HDMI carries digital signals, while VGA uses analog signals. The adapter performs signal conversion, translating the HDMI digital signal into an analog VGA signal.
  3. Audio Output: HDMI can carry both video and audio signals, but VGA only supports video. HDMI to VGA adapters typically do not transmit audio through the VGA output. You may need separate audio connections if audio output is required.
  4. External Power: Some HDMI to VGA adapters require external power, which is usually supplied via a USB connection. This additional power may be necessary to support signal conversion and ensure compatibility with a wider range of HDMI sources.
  5. Compatibility: HDMI to VGA adapters are widely used to connect laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and other devices with HDMI outputs to VGA monitors, projectors, or older display equipment.


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